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Paramount Chill Rolls Pvt. Ltd. has made an identity in the commerce of Cast Iron Rolls by serving several industries including food, luxury, sweetmeats, textile and many more with its customized products. We deal in a wide range of products which includes Surfacing Smooth Rolls, fluted rolls, and self surfacing flaking roles. All these products are made keeping in view their specific uses in different industries. Consequently, we are among the leading Cast Iron Roller Manufacturers and Exporters in India. We have made consistent development to achieve a higher standard of quality. To cope up with the change in the market scenario, our research team is relentlessly in search of new innovations. With commitment to provide value for money, we have been in the market with reputation. Along with manufacturing and supplying, we have been providing maintenance and repairing services for all these products at the most professional level. Credibility and timeliness are the features by which we are identified.


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